It is important to find a provider that understands the complexity of our unique hormonal system. 

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Women have a unique set of health concerns and challenges

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We often put others ahead of ourselves and work tirelessly to maintain our households including caring for children, our partners, and our careers. 

Stress is inevitable, which can negatively impact our health in a large way. 

To further compound the issue, our hormonal system is unique to our male counterparts, as a result of being able to create life through pregnancy. 


Millions of women every year seek help for their hormonal challenges such as hot flashes, night sweats insomnia, migraines, fibroids, endometriosis, and PMS. 

These hormonal imbalances are often conventionally treated using synthetic hormones and/or hormone replacement that could potentially have harmful side effects. 

Birth control pills are also quickly prescribed without a clear understanding as to the root causes of the hormone balances which could lead to long-term impacts on a women's sensitive hormonal system. 

Women’s Health Issues Naturopathic Healthcare Can Help With  

• Transition stages including menopause (night sweats, hot flashes) • Low libido • Perinatal Health • Prenatal Health • Post-Natal Health • Hypothyroidism • Constipation • Low energy • Weight gain • Sleep issues • Mood or irritability concerns • Menstrual issues • PCOS

We find the root causes of many common women's health conditions by performing Functional Testing to include:

 • Vitamin, Mineral, and Specific Nutrient Deficiency Testing • Urine Testing and Saliva Testing for Adrenal and Female hormones • Stool Testing for parasites, fungi, bacteria, digestive function and inflammation • Comprehensive Blood Testing • Genetic Testing • Allergy Testing


Imagine how it would feel to have boundless energy, improved digestion, better sleep quality, reduced brain fog, better memory, as well as achieving a feeling of well being.

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